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National Leadership


Jeff Brayer

National President | BoD

The pamilya that is FACES provides tremendous value to its network. My deepest passion aligns with supporting the people of this world- family, friends, work peers, local community or anyone that could use a hand. No matter what our story is, we all share a unique path that is paved with challenge, failures, successes, and life alterning experiences. One thing that is consistent is our need to support each other. FACES represents that support increadilby well through 4 pillars: culture, community, charity, and education. Everything that embodies the FACES mission aligns to my passion and I am forever thankful to have these opportunities. Maraming salamat!


Elora Torres

National VP - External | BoD

FACES has given me the opportunity to transform my role within AT&T, not only as a 9-5, but as a part of something greater — a community that grows together, a family that supports each other. My passion stems from the fun loving peers and inspriring leaders in FACES who truly care and encompass our key pillars of culture, community, charity, and education.


William Taylor

National Treasurer | BoD

FACES scholarship programs supported the educational journey of many students. As a recipient of an Amer-Asian scholarship foundation in the Philippines, FACES goal and purpose to support students continuing higher education is my inspiration to serve and be a part of this mission. The labor of love, energy and talents shared by all FACES members who continue to support the programs to bring the culture, hospitality and spirit of Filipino pamilya is the magic we all bring to this organization, throughout the community and teams in AT&T.


Elaine Dizon

National Public Relations| BoD

I believe FACES is an essential space for any Filipino leader looking to build their brand and visibility while leaning into our culture and interconnectedness. We get to address barriers such as the bamboo ceiling, speaking with confidence, and working with such humility we aren't visible to possible sponsors, mentors, and advocates. We are more than karaoke and lumpia (yes we are that)...we are a dynamic combination of leadership qualitiies, interpersonal skills, and talents.


Ferdinand De Los Reyes

National BoD

I joined FACES because I wanted to have a positive impact in my community. I want to share the rich history, culture, tradition and amazing cuisine of my native country. I wanted to be a part of an organization that values everybody's strengths and weaknesses, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and a sense of family and unity.


Enelene Sanya-Olu

National BoD

FACES has been not only been an extended family for me, but also a powerful network of friends who share the same passions as I do to embrace our FIlipino culture, provide charity in our communities and global network, and support education through our scholarship programs. At FACES, we support initiatives that enhance an individual's personal and professional development. FACES is open to all community members regardless of ethnicity. This has been a safe space to learn and grow.


Eric Baldomero

National VP - Internal | BoD

I am passionate about FACES because FACES is passionate about people. FACES is a strong, culturaly rich & diverse organization where people will feel seen, heard & valued at AT&T. Our deep rooted heritage can be experienced through the people and our FACES comminiuty. We are leaders, hard workers and catalyst for change in this dynamically changing landscape and the people and the organization serves as beacon for growth and transformation.


Mike Panuelos

National Secretary | BoD | Web Developer

FACES embodies the familial, inclusive, and selfless aspects of the Filipino culture which serves as a perfect environment to foster leadership skills in. Their pillars align with my values as I seek to learn and serve more with and through culture, community, charity, and education.


Paul Velasco

National Auditor | BoD

Joining FACES fuels my passion for celebrating and embracing the rich tapestry of Filipino culture and heritage. It's an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and belonging while contributing to a more inclusive and diverse workplace environment. Together, we can shine a light on our traditions, promote cultural understanding, and make a positive impact both within and beyond our organization.


Rommel Declines

National BoD

I am passionate about FACES because it reflects the diversity of AT&T as a company. FACES accepts all friends and employees that are aligned with our four pillars. We celebrate Culture, Community , Charity and Education. FACES chapters bring about the best synergies in all the pillars and making work a fun place to be. FACES provides a platform for personal development and mentorship that in a small and intimate setting. We may be small, but pack a lot of fun and passion in everything we do. In all things there is a spirit of Bayanihan, a spirit of community. Together, we can all accomplish great things with a bunch of great people.


Michelle Rose

National BoD

FACES is a family that makes you feel welcomed as soon as you walk into the room or say hi on a call. I love to be able to extend that to all our members as we get involved with our culture, communities and workplace.


Lerie Williams

National BoD

FACES is a community that embraces you as family from the moment you join, whether you are Filipino or not. It is inherently diverse and always eager to share a friendly and bayanihan spirit, reminiscent of the Filipino culture I fondly remember from my upbringing in the Philippines. FACES represents the bayanihan spirit that emphasized the importance of communal unity, cooperation, and mutual aid, rooted in traditions of collective effort and voluntary assistance, all carried out with genuine, heartfelt smiles.

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